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Stay fit on the road

It’s easier to stay fit when staying in accommodations from Stress Free Corporate Housing. There’s no reason for guests to abandon their workout routines or change their diets when on the road. In fact, Stress Free offers several innovative nutrition and fitness programs that allow guests to maintain their existing programs, significantly enhance them, or even start a new program personally customized to their goals.

Our accommodations also encourage guests to stay in shape because most of the rental communities have swimming pools and fitness centers that guests are welcome to use. Additionally, there are full-sized kitchens within the units, allowing guests to cook their own nutritious meals rather than dining in restaurants, where the exact ingredients and calorie counts are unknown. Of course, eating in is also more economical, which keeps our guests’ wallets in good shape.

Membership is free

Every guest staying in Stress Free Corporate Housing accommodations receives free membership in our Temporary Housing Virtual Trainer program. It includes free weekly Smart Tips from a virtual personal trainer and free health-conscious recipes for guests who wish to prepare full meals or simply snacks like protein muffins.

Other packaged options include the personal trainer creating a customized nutrition and fitness program for each guest and giving them periodic status reports. There are even workout worksheets online, where guests can update their progress and chart their results.These other options are available for a monthly charge, which varies based on the package.

Here are just a few of the ways we help guests stay fit and eat nutritiously:

  • Free weekly Smart Tips from a virtual personal trainer
  • Free nutritious recipes for full meals and snacks

Additional package options, starting a $99 per month, include:

  • One-on-one virtual personal trainer coaching
  • Customized fitness programs
  • Customized nutrition programs
  • Results tracking
  • Logging your activity online

Get contacted by personal trainers

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Stress Free Programs

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Perks Plus
  • Early check in and late check out
  • Arrival gift
  • Free long distance calling
  • Food and beverage credit
  • A dedicated team standing by to assist
  • Instant loyalty discounts on the next stay of 30 days or longer
  • Additional movie channels
  • Housekeeping discounts
  • Car rental discounts through Avis
  • Upgraded accommodations