Perks Plus


With PerksPlus, you’ll always get more

Whoever said, "more is less" never stayed in a Stress Free fully furnished Corporate or serviced apartment. In our corporate accommodations, guests get more of everything that's important so they never have to settle for less.

Early check in and late check out:

Most corporate housing companies make guests wait until 4 PM to check in and then will rush them to check out by 11 AM, but not Stress Free. We give the freedom to check in earlier and check out later.

Arrival gift:

So guests feel right at home in their new accommodations, a welcome basket will be in the living room, awaiting their arrival. It may include fresh fruit, chips, ground coffee, bottles of water or other snacks and beverages. For a nominal charge, we’ll even arrange for the first meal to be delivered, so guests don’t have to scramble to find a restaurant in an unfamiliar city.

Free long distance calling:

Some corporate housing companies don’t even offer a phone, but our accommodations always have one, and we even offer free long distance calling.

Food and beverage credit:

We will automatically apply a $100 credit for any reservation of more than 90 days ($50 credit for fewer days). It can be used for food, beverages or anything else. We’ll just deduct the credit from the bill at check out.

A dedicated team standing by to assist:

Stress Free dedicates a team of representatives to each guest, and they’re on call 24/7. They’re always available to answers questions and offer assistance, which keeps every stay stress free.

Instant loyalty discounts on the next stay of 30 days or longer:

Save hundreds of dollars with Stress Free through our loyalty program.  Earn a credit of $5 a day toward the next stay or $2 a day on the current stay. Membership in the loyalty program is available with the very first stay.

Additional movie channels:

Basic cable isn’t enough. So Stress Free temporary accommodations include expanded cable channels and a generous movie package free of charge. With so many extra channels, there’s no need to ever watch the same show twice.

Housekeeping discounts:

Most temporary housing companies offer accommodations that only include housekeeping once a month, but Stress Free provides housekeeping twice a month and offers Discounts on additional housekeeping.  This way the guests apartment stays neater and tidier.

Car rental discounts through Avis:

Stress Free is pleased to offer special discounts on Avis rental cars for the length of the stay. Just click on the Avis icon on this page for a discount code and pricing.

Upgraded Accommodations:

Stress Free accommodations are furnished with an array of comforts and conveniences for superior enjoyment and productivity. For instance, bedrooms have king-size beds, TVs and even work stations. And that’s just for starters

Housing for as low as $79

per day

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Perks Plus
  • Early check in and late check out
  • Arrival gift
  • Free long distance calling
  • Food and beverage credit
  • A dedicated team standing by to assist
  • Instant loyalty discounts on the next stay of 30 days or longer
  • Additional movie channels
  • Housekeeping discounts
  • Car rental discounts through Avis
  • Upgraded accommodations