Property Management In Your Interest

Property owners that register their rental apartment or condo with Stress Free Corporate Housing receive more than a return on their investment. They also get peace of mind from knowing that our rental property management team will ensure that the property is ready to rent, that the renters are qualified, and that the property is properly maintained.

To prepare the property for rental, our team:

  • Conducts a thorough marketing walk-thru
  • Review or Creates a listing description with photos and a custom virtual tour
  • Lists the property on various websites

To ensure that tenants are qualified and to eliminate conflicts before showing the property, our rental property management team:

  • Pre-screens and meets all prospective tenants
  • Verifies the applicant's income and rental history
  • Conducts thorough screening and background checks of applicants
  • Secures the applicant's security deposit prior to move-in and holds it in escrow
  • Uses leases that comply with Fair Housing and state laws

The property is regularly inspected to be sure it's being maintained in proper condition and to determine if anything needs to be repaired. If the owner approves of the repair, we can arrange for a qualified vendor to perform the work, according to state codes. The ultimate goal of our rental property management services is to keep properties in the best condition possible, so they command high rents and remain occupied as often as possible.

We handle the finances, too.

Our property management team collects the monthly rent and other fees and then disburses them by check or through direct deposit into the owner's bank account. They're also experienced in enforcing the rental agreement, collecting late or outstanding balances, and swiftly evicting tenants if the need arises. Each quarter, the owner also receives a financial review of their property.

Sit back relax let Stress Free handle all the Stress of renting your property, while you collect your checks.

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