No Fee Property Management
Lease Guarantee
No Real Estate Commissions

Nobody can manage your property better than a company with 14 years of specific experience renting, subletting and managing individuals for Corporations and Individuals worldwide.  The typical property management company has no connection to the guest and therefore has a more difficult time guaranteeing the upkeep and payment of the landlord’s property.

When Stress Free rents your property with their own client/guest under a Managed Corporate Housing Program, not only does Stress Free become your tenant, we guarantee the Lease, we also manage the property for NO FEE without even charging a real estate commission. 

Our Managed Corporate Housing Program provides Corporate and Individuals needing housing under specific lease terms and business relationships we currently have.  This gives Stress Free the ability to control any situation from payment, repairs, upkeep and much more that is why we are able to Guarantee the Lease.  We know that our clients/guests are responsible to Stress Free so therefore we have every reason to give the owner of a property the extra assurance.

Why owners choose Stress Free Corporate Housing Property Management Services:

  • We are Global Corporate Housing Specialists and Realtors
  • Marketing to USA and Global potential tenants on multiple websites
  • Reduced vacancy time
  • Rental leases held in our name-eliminates bad debt; insures prompt payment
  • Waive listing fee
  • Corporate Housing Providers Association membership enables us to reach a larger and more diverse clientele
  • We understand the landlord/tenant laws and community regulations
  • Our commitment and dedication to our clients since 1996

Why owners choose Stress Free Corporate Housing Property Management Services:

  • Limited to owners and managers of short-term rentals. Member properties must pass a personal  inspection and maintain a high standard of accommodation
  • Thorough marketing and advertising of you property
  • Tenant screening, including criminal, credit and employment
  • Rent collection and deposit retention
  • Timely rent disbursements to owners
  • 24/7 Emergency Helpline
  • Maintenance of the property at lowest cost
  • Private tours with perspective tenants
  • Preparation and execution of lease, application etc.

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    • Early check in and late check out
    • Arrival gift
    • Free long distance calling
    • Food and beverage credit
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    • Instant loyalty discounts on the next stay of 30 days or longer
    • Additional movie channels
    • Housekeeping discounts
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